Structuring an ecosystem of ideas around humans.

Beyond data and insights, all my ideas are spawned from a human truth. Why? Because it creates connection with people and when people feel emotionally connected, there's a higher chance they'll respond to it. So beyond tangible clicks and likes, we'll also understand how medias and platforms appeal to the right audiences. A system that has proven to be cost effective and a lot more targeted.
Go deeper. Understand a problem before trying to solve one.

It is inherent in all creatives to find the fastest solution to crack a brief. Time is our worst enemy. What may seem to be productively sound, may actually not be creatively sound. I take time to research and understand the root of the problem (and it usually starts from human behaviours) beyond soulless statistics, and innovate a clear solution to what seems to be the missing Xs and Ys.
More than just clients. See a great partner.

Working with and not working for a client is key to me retaining an account. Something that I have learnt from working with Singapore Grand Prix for 8 years. I try to react less and innovate more. With this mentality, I build trust and confidence with the marketing managers and take it to the next level of experience. 
A slice of life in every idea.

I am unique. More than just creatively, but as an individual with many colourful life experiences. This has become an important tool to bring heart to my ideas. It humanises the ideas and make it more relatable to consumers. 
Mentoring creatives is rewarding.

 Through the years, I have mentored and influenced plenty of creatives who later became experts in their own field of work. 
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